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Real communication tool, this writing panel allows you to let your imagination run wild. It will fit into all architectural styles, being applicable in partition, wall coating or board.


In this way, to allow you always more possibilities, the GravOr’s Ecrimur is customizable.
Available in simple version (not magnetized) or in magnetized version, with or without reserve for using a video projector, and in a lot of colors, it will be, at work like at home, the best ally of your imagination. Choose the color you want in our colors, or ask for your custom tint.
You can also find its loyal accessories like magnets, pencils, pencils holders and magnet brushes to support you as best according to your needs.

At work like at home, the Ecrimur is the ultimate expression tool.
Cleaned with a single gesture, write as much as you want on the glass, erase, let place to other creative ideas, and that, to infinity.
The Ecrimur is perfectly designed for a daily felt pen use. Elaborated in lacquered glass, protected by a film maintaining the glass in case of breakage, it is extremely durable.
Conceived of clear or extra-clear glass (which have a very weak coloration, letting the color its real tint), lacquered and fitted with a galvanised sheet metal plate, all on the back face, it could be applicable in many places and in many forms.
In offices, meeting rooms, reception halls, hospitals, kitchens, rooms, doors, in board, wall coating or partitions, it is the ideal product for collaboration, brainstorming and letting your inventiveness speak.
Finally, lacquering can be done on float, tempered or laminated glass, with MDF gluing to go up to 20mm thick.
Its maximum dimensions are 3200 x 1500 mm.

Ecrimur vert


To help in your choice, there are some of our realisations, handcrafted with care in our workshop in Le Mans.

Tableau écrimur

In board

This Ecrimur’s version, coloured and magnetized, brings an originality touch in addition to its functional aspect.

Ecrimur avec vidéo projecteur

For video projector

This Ecrimur includes a reserve to project a screen, allowing to write all around it.

Revêtement mural écrimur

In wall coating

This Ecrimur brings a functional aspect while it coats the wall.

Cloison écrimur

In partition

This Ecrimur, coloured and magnetized, applied in partition, brings an originality touch in addition to its functional aspect.

Objets pour écrimur

The accessories

Felt pens, wood, rubber, plastic magnets, brushes, pencil holders, the essentials to support you on a daily basis.


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